Odor Removal and Deodorization

Smell something unpleasant in your home or office? We got you more than covered! Odor eliminating sprays and candles can mask the scent and cover it up for a while, but we will eliminate and totally remove it!

So where exactly is the odor originating from? The possibilities are endless, but here are a few common ones:

  • Damp laundry that’s beginning to mildew and damp areas in general
    • Mold growth in general
  • Unbathed pets, their urine on the carpet or furnishings, their bedding, and litter box
    • Scent can become absorbed into carpeting, couches, etc.
  • Garbage disposals that have not been cleaned/deodorized
  • A dead animal trapped in your attic or other enclosed area
  • A smelly kitchen
    • Old grease on your stove or in the oven
    • Spoiled food rotting in the back of your refrigerator
    • Dirty sponges, towels, and scrubbing tools
  • Smelly furnishings and fabric
    • Unwashed linens, blankets, stale mattresses, and fabrics including clothing and shoes can begin to really stink! Of course, you probably don’t want to discard your entire couch, so you can solve the issue with having us clean and restore the fabric!
  • Stagnant water
    • A drip behind an appliance such as a refrigerator can quickly turn sour. When water sits, bacteria begins growing in the water, resulting in a musty smell, sometimes even giving off the scent of rotten eggs.

Want to rid your home or office of that odor? Give us a call today!

We have the training and equipment to identify and eliminate these offensive odors. By identifying the cause of the odor, and determining the conditions where it contacts surfaces, the odor can often be removed over time without a trace. Our technicians have access to several odor removal products capable of penetrating surfaces to neutralize an unpleasant odor thoroughly.

The science of identifying and eliminating odors can be a tricky thing, so give us a call, and leave the restoration to us.